About Us

Hi! My name is Linda and I am the creator and owner of Make Me Mold Me!

I have been creating resin jewellery for years and creating my own molds so that my jewellery can be different from others! In The early days molds were very generic and everyone's jewellery looked a similar shape!

After working with silicone molds for the best part of a decade, I wanted to bring resin jewellery to everyone. It is such a rewarding material to work with ( when it goes right)

I hope that my molds can help you create something unique that you will love!

I use a clear silicone that brings ease of making as it allows you some vision as to what is going on inside the mold.

I only use the best quality to that you can get a long and happy life from your molds!

When you are buying a mold from me, its not just a mold, its a design and it's me at the other end of the E-Mail to help you if needed!