Caring for your molds.

Caring for your Molds
1. Use good quality resin from a reputable company and supplier. Not all resins are suitable for jewellery. 1:1 ratio resin can be harsh on molds.

2. Avoid using coarse glitters. I know we all love glitter, but those little sharp edges wear the mold quicker. Try using powder pigments or fine glitter.

3. Avoid using a heat source to quicken curing as this heat increases the chemical reaction and shortens their lifespan.You can still use a heat gun to zap those bubbles if used carefully!

4. Store Molds out of direct sunlight.

5. I don't recommend mold release, this is more for hard plastic molds.
6. Do not wash your molds unless you really need to. If so, use a mild soap and warm ( not hot!! ) water and allow to dry naturally.
General wear and tear
All molds through extensive quality checks to ensure that they are suitable for usage. With all silicone molds, a certain degree of skill and experience is required to produce the highest quality products like ours. Whilst with test all our molds, they are delicate and need to be used and cared We strongly encourage our users to learn how to take care of their molds.
After a few uses you will notice that the mold starts to turn opaque and white. This is not a default this is the natural wearing of silicone which happens each time you cast resin in it. The mold is still usable and you can still create a lot of great casts from it.